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Sports Injuries and Sports Chiropractic Care: A Lifetime of Healing

The human body is an incredible network of muscles and bones linked to thoughts and actions. We tell ourselves to run, and we run. Send the message to jump and we jump.

Unfortunately, these actions can result in injury, which is when chiropractic care is a necessary solution. You are not sending your brain a message to fall and hurt yourself, but that is exactly what could happen if you overwork your muscles and bones. In particular, sports-related injuries can be a major setback, specifically to young athletes and, for seniors, stand in the way of sustaining a healthy quality of life.

Commonly, ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, and spine are the areas that see the most sports injuries, with muscles, tendons and ligaments the most frequently injured in sports activities. When a mishap occurs, there are several ways a sports chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale or Plantation Florida,  can help young and old athletes get back to doing what they love, providing a lifetime of support and therapy.

Young Athletes

School athletic programs are where the star athletes of tomorrow receive their basic training – the gymnasiums and playing fields are the laboratories that send the ablest youngsters to college and, from there, possible pro sports. Even for those who have a little athletic ability, the gym floor can be the pathway to a lifelong commitment to exercise. No injury should keep people from doing what they love.
And that is where Fort Lauderdale and Plantation sports chiropractic care comes in.

two young mle atheletes wrestlingAny twist or overextension of a joint can lead to tears of muscles and tendons, often referred to as strains and sprains. The British Journal of Sports Medicine reinforces this issue: “Young athletes are particularly at risk because their bones are still growing,” according to a Journal article. “As a consequence, overuse injuries that were traditionally described in more mature athletes are now becoming recognized in pre-adolescents.”

Specifically, overtraining can cause overuse of particular joints. The most common of this is tendinosis or tendinitis. In this condition, the tendon becomes inflamed from repetitive use. Other problems in athletes include stress fractures, also known as fatigue fractures, occurring from a greater than usual amount of stress placed on a bone. This type of injury is common with runners who train too soon and too intensely for a race, overdoing it rather than gradually increasing their levels of endurance.

Sports that rank among the highest of reported sports injuries are basketball, football, and soccer. The type of sports injury received from sports participation is referred to as an acute injury. To avoid such acute sports injuries, proper conditioning and warm-up and cool-down procedures, as well as the use of appropriate sports safety equipment, should be top priorities.

Sports chiropractors diagnose and evaluate sports injury by use of history (how, when, and why it happened) examination, and x-ray. After the diagnosis and the severity of injury are determined, an appropriate treatment program is recommended. This program could include: ice injuried knee before use photo of soccer player

  • Ice massage
  • Ultrasound
  • Galvanic stimulation to reduce swelling

To prevent acute injury from sports always remember to:

  • Stretch
  • Warm up
  • Ice before use
  • Cool down when finished
  • Eat right

Aging Athletes

No one likes getting old. The flexibility we had as youngsters disappears and muscles and bones become uncooperative. Our minds say yes; our bodies say, “Hold on a minute.” Still, as we age, exercise is an important component of well-being and can help prevent physical decline.

As we age, the intense activities of our youth should be replaced with lower impact exercises. For example, replace running with walking. Flexibility exercises, activities that improve balance, and strength training are also vital components of remaining active as we age.

senior citizen playing tessisAccording to the National Institute on Aging, you’re more likely to stay active if you:

  • Think you will benefit from your activities
  • Include activities you enjoy
  • Feel you can do the activities correctly
  • Believe the activities are safe 
  • Have regular access to the activities
  • Can fit the activities into your daily schedule
  • Find that the activities are affordable
  • Can see the benefits of regular exercise and physical activity

According to a National Institutes of Health article titled, “The role of chiropractic care in older adults,” chiropractic “is one of the most frequently utilized types of complementary and alternative care by older adults, used by an estimated 5% of older adults in the U.S. annually.” The majority of older adults seek chiropractic care for back and/or neck pain, says the article
So whether you’re a young or aging athlete, chiropractic care should be at the top of your treatment list. A sports chiropractor at Carpe Diem Chiropractic can help you to achieve health and better agility – and get you back to what you love to do.

Sports Injuries and Chiropractic Treatment

ice injuried knee before use photo of soccer player

At Carpe Diem Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Fort Lauderdale and Plantation, Florida,, we don't stop with skilled spinal care. Spinal injuries in sports represent just a small fraction of athletic injuries. Thus, at Carpe Diem Chiropractic we have been well prepared to manage the various musculoskeletal injuries that happen away from the spine. The sports chiropractic physicians within our practice diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate sports injuries including those of the extremities. Sports injuries are mostly musculoskeletal problems and sports chiropractic physicians are experts in neuromusculoskeletal care.

At Carpe Diem Chiropractic in Fort Lauderdale and Plantation,  we shall work with a holistic strategy to help you recuperate from your sports-related issue. We will evaluate your issue and also the kinetic chain encircling your injury so that any problems that are associated may be cleared up simultaneously. With accredited massage therapists on staff as well as the utilization of particular soft tissue therapies such as the Graston technique by some of our physicians, every soft tissue element of your issue will be extensively addressed.

We are also aware of the nutritional facets of performance and athletic injury. Nutrition is a major contributor to competition endurance pre-competition groundwork, and all aspects of treatment and sports injury prevention.

Many professional athletic and sports organizations in addition to individual high-performance athletes as well as their coaches understand the prevention of harm, the worth of sports chiropractic care for maximum musculoskeletal performance, and correction of a sports-related injury. Many of these athletes insist on being corrected by their sports chiropractors only prior to competition to optimize their performance. The Players Association of the National Football League has made chiropractic care an essential element of its sports medicine program. As the attending physicians at the Olympic Games, those of several other states and the United States Olympic Committee have chosen chiropractors. Sports chiropractors also have been retained at a number of other sporting events including Goodwill Games, the Pan Am Games, National Sports Festivals, New York and Boston Marathon and Ironman Triathlon.

Rest assured, we get as much satisfaction from helping as we do working with high-level sportsmen, weekend warriors, and amateur athletes to help them to keep doing their thing.  If you are searching for the best chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale, your search could end right here with Fort Lauderdale sports chiropractor Dr. Barak Meraz.  Call now to schedule an appointment 954-980-5483

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