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Plantation Chiropractic for Muscle Spasms

If you are suffering from muscle spasms, this could be indicative of a problem such as a pinched nerve. That’s why it can be a great idea to visit a Plantation chiropractor to get the relief you have been searching for. Plantation chiropractic care can help you get results so that you can go back to living your life as normally as possible. But what are muscle spasms and when should you seek medical attention? By reading on, you can learn everything that you need to about muscle spasms and seeking chiropractic treatment.

What Are Muscle Spasms?

Muscle spasms, which are also known just as muscle cramps, occur when the muscle has an involuntary and forcible contraction, and the muscle can’t relax. Muscle spasms are quite common and can potentially impact any muscle in the body, whether it’s the entire muscle or just groups of muscle. Typically, muscle spasms occur in the foot arches, calves, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hands. They can also sometimes occur along a person’s ribcage.

There are 2 types of muscle spasms: acute muscle spasms or chronic muscle spasms. Acute muscle spasms occur after there was an injury of the muscle or it was hurt due to overuse. After getting hydrated, rested, and stretching out the muscle, this problem tends to resolve itself. The problem is if you are suffering from chronic muscle spasms. There can be a wide variety of issues that cause chronic muscle spasms, including pinched nerves or some vascular issue. It can be hard to know why you are experiencing chronic muscle spasms, which is why you should be seen by a professional.

Muscle spasms can be caused by a pinched nerve. This may be the case for your specific situation if you notice these signs:

  • A shooting pain that occurs suddenly, radiating down your arm or leg.
  • Notice muscle atrophy or weak muscles.
  • Frequently experience that feeling of the muscles “falling asleep” tingling sensation in your extremities.
  • Notice a burning sensation in a specific area, usually the source of your pinched nerve.
  • Experience an intense electrical shock sensation, which often accompany your spasms.

Visiting a chiropractor could be exactly what you need to feel better and resolve your chronic muscle spasms.

When to Be Concerned

Anytime there is an issue with your back, you should be concerned and seek out medical attention. A doctor can let you know if it’s a serious problem that needs to be tended to immediately, as well as create a treatment plan that can help you get back to living a quality life. For instance, if you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you should seek medical attention as soon as you possibly can:

  • Loss of bladder control
  • Loss of bowel control
  • Pain that radiates in the back and upper back, which radiates up to your jaw or down your arm
  • Numbness in lower extremities

Once a serious condition has been ruled out and you are seeking out treatment for such conditions as degenerative disc disease, facet joint arthritis, pinched nerve, or just injury due to overuse, a chiropractor can be the best place for you to go to find relief. A chiropractor can create the perfect treatment plan for your specific situation, helping you find the relief that you need from muscle spasms.

How Muscle Spasms Chiropractic Treatment Can Help

In many cases, these issues are often caused by some misalignment of the spine or a pinched nerve. Through spinal manipulation and chiropractic adjustments, the chiropractor can help resolve the underlying condition causing your muscle spasms. The first thing that the chiropractor will do is help you by determining what is causing your problem. If you just injured the muscle, this can simply be resolved through physical therapy.

But, if the chiropractor discovers an issue with your spine or discs, you will need more treatment. There’s also the possibility that the muscle spasm can contribute to misaligning your spine, which could lead to more serious issues.

Do you have a job or live a lifestyle that can cause stress on your back on a regular basis? If so, then it can be a good idea for you to get regular chiropractic adjustments to prevent the muscle spasms from even occurring. This is because by aligning your spine, you can reduce the pressure on your nerves as well as any surrounding tissue. Regular chiropractic care helps you to maintain the flexibility and mobility that you need to be healthy and can prevent future injury.

As part of the treatment plan, the chiropractor may also offer nutritional advice. Sometimes chronic muscle spasms can be caused due to nutritional issues, so they can offer excellent advice that can help you get on track with the healthy eating required to avoid this problem. This could be as simple as just drinking more water to keep you hydrated, as electrolyte imbalance can often lead to muscle spasms. A change in your diet could be an essential part of this process.

They might also suggest massage therapy to help you feel better. Other advice that they can offer includes:

  • Form when exercising
  • Stretches
  • Importance of proper back support
  • Lifting techniques that are easier on your body
  • Posture

You should not experience muscle spasms on a regular basis. If you do, then you need to see a professional to discover the underlying condition that is causing this problem. A chiropractor can be the answer to your issues, helping you notice significant improvements in how you feel when you see them regularly.

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If you are struggling with muscle spasms, our Plantation chiropractic team can help provide you the relief that you need. Muscle spasms can interfere with you living your life and functioning as normal. Seeking treatment can be the best thing that you do for yourself, ensuring that you can take control over your symptoms. If you are looking for a team to help you out, our team is here for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment so that we can create the best treatment plan for you: 954-581-1999.

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