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Plantation Car Accident Chiropractor

When sitting down in your vehicle after a hard day, many thoughts probably enter your mind. For example, getting home to your family, what you might be having for dinner, the ever-growing work to-do list, and more. However, one that you probably don’t want to think about is the danger of the roads. With every driver in control of a strong killing machine, we rely on the composure, attention, and skill of other drivers just to get home safely.

Unfortunately, not every driver has the expected level of composure, attention, or skill…and this is what causes car accidents. Rear-end accidents and other types cause whiplash, muscle damage, neck damage, and other types of injury. Of course, it’s natural to seek medical attention after an accident and we would never dissuade you from doing this at Carpe Diem Chiropractic.

Common Problems with Conventional Medicine

If you experience broken bones, fractures, and other serious injuries, conventional medicine will lead to operations, procedures, and other treatments to put the problem right again. While this is great news, there’s a lack of attention when it comes to lesser injuries. Quite often, we speak to people who were disappointed with the level of service received in non-emergency conditions.

We would never speak badly of nurses and doctors because they’re a strength of the community and make sacrifices to help others. However, the conventional medical system isn’t designed to help those without major injuries. If your injuries aren’t too severe, they will prescribe anti-inflammatory pills or pain medication.

What’s the issue with this line of thinking? Sadly, this is akin to putting wallpaper over a crack. You might not feel pain, but the medication isn’t actually curing the problem. Without healing the damage, you’re forced to rely on pain medications and some people are affected for the rest of their lives.

In other cases, the problem is that victims of an auto injury don’t notice the pain until many weeks later. Therefore, injuries suffered in low-speed accidents are normally left unnoticed and undiagnosed. Suddenly, the victim wakes up one morning in extreme pain; this is a common problem with whiplash.

Thankfully, there is a profession that attempts to deal with the root cause of problems, and you can get help from a Plantation car accident chiropractor.

Dealing with a Car Accident

 Before we start with our advice for those experiencing soreness, stiffness, back pain, neck pain, or another auto injury, we first want to share some advice for dealing with a car accident. What do you do after a car accident?

Step 1 - Document Injuries

If you’re well enough, check in with those around you and identify any injuries. If anybody in the vehicle feels pain, tell them not to move. Meanwhile, contact the emergency services. If you’ve injured yourself, contact the emergency services or ask somebody else to make the call. 

Directly after an accident, you shouldn’t worry about attorneys, chiropractors, lawyers, cases, compensation, fault, or anything else. Instead, focus on your health and get the medical attention you need. Not only is this important to heal, but it’s also important later when claiming compensation.

For those who didn’t seek treatment at the accident site, you have two weeks to document your injuries. Without this help, you may struggle to obtain compensation. From a personal perspective, you also make it harder to prevent scar tissue. Sadly, scar tissue is much weaker than healthy tissue, is less elastic, and also causes more pain. The best advice we can offer after a car accident is to get medical attention immediately.

Step 2 - Contact the Insurance Company

In Florida, this is a no-fault state which means that, after an accident, victims claim on their own insurance. Even if another driver is at fault, you claim through your insurance company. With Personal Injury Protection, you’ll receive a percentage of medical bills, lost income, and other losses. If your injuries exceed this amount, you’ll need to make a personal injury claim against the guilty driver.

For any serious cases, we recommend contacting a car accident attorney as soon as possible. Insurance companies often send adjusters to gather statements from victims; they’re trained to get victims to admit blame. As soon as you do this, your prospective compensation amount falls. An attorney will protect your legal rights, gather evidence, and fight for compensation while you recover.

Step 3 - Contact an Auto Accident Chiropractor

Talking of recovery, this is where a Plantation car accident chiropractor comes in. With a rear-end accident, one of the biggest issues is that you cannot prepare for it. Since it’s unexpected, the body isn’t braced, and this causes whiplash and other injuries. Even if you don’t feel any symptoms, we highly advise getting in touch with the brilliant Dr. Barak Meraz today at his Carpe Diem Chiropractic office in Plantation, Florida.  Dr. Meraz and his team of chiropractors are skilled at car accident injuries.

What’s an Injury Chiropractor in Plantation, FL?

Injury chiropractors are trained and educated to help people with injuries related to specific types of trauma or accident. Today, we’re focusing on car accidents since they can lead to whiplash and various other injuries for the body.

After a car accident, it’s natural for victims to feel stiffness, soreness, and pain around the body. Though the medication relieves the pain for a little while, it inevitably returns soon after. Suddenly, performing simple tasks grows gradually more difficult. For some, they struggle to play with their children or grandchildren, get to sleep, work, and go about their normal daily life. There’s always a nagging pain or discomfort causing problems; as well as the physical aspect, there’s also a mental pain attached to this type of injury.

Just when things don’t feel as though they will get better, this is where Carpe Diem Chiropractic helps. Often, limited range of motion and inflammation are two of the biggest problems after spinal cord or neck damage. In a rear-end accident, the weight of your head and the impact might have caused your neck to extend beyond a comfortable level.

The violent movement leaves whiplash sufferers with extreme pain. While some experience pain in the neck, it radiates down to the back or up to the head for others. Either way, Dr. Barak Meraz treats individuals for their exact problems rather than just prescribing medication.

Although chiropractic services have risen to the fore recently, the practice spans back to the late 19th century. Essentially, the mission has remained the same for professionals over the nearly 130 years since its introduction - to manipulate the spine and encourage spinal alignment to relieve pressure on the back, neck, and spinal cord. After an auto injury, in particular, treatment has several benefits.

Benefits of Chiropractor Treatment After an Auto Accident

Dr. Barak Meraz runs a leading chiropractic facility in Plantation, and there are many benefits of choosing this route after an accident. But first, we should say that these benefits apply immediately after an accident. Therefore, don’t feel as though you have to wait to feel symptoms before you seek chiropractic help.

Often, victims of a car accident don’t feel pain in the days after because they have adrenalin coursing around the body. Then, later, they wake up and feel stiffness, soreness, loss of range of motion, and other common symptoms of whiplash. By contacting a chiropractor immediately, you start treating issues early.

With this in mind, here are some of the potential benefits of chiropractic treatment for an auto injury. After learning them, you’ll start to understand why more medical experts are recommending chiropractic care as part of a wider recovery plan. 

  1. Reduce Scar Tissue

For many victims, scarring is both a physical and an emotional issue. They feel self-conscious and lack confidence knowing that their skin is scarred. With chiropractic help, some patients can break down scar tissue and, in the end, they have a smaller scar compared to what they would have had with natural healing. A smaller scar means less soreness, less stiffness, and more confidence (especially when the scar is in an exposed location).

  1. Reduce Inflammation

Just because an x-ray doesn’t highlight major problems, this doesn’t mean that you haven’t experienced micro-tears in the ligaments and muscles. With chiropractic professionals working towards spinal alignment, the adjustments should relieve pressure and start working to reduce inflammation.

  1. Improve Range of Motion

Decreased range of motion is sometimes the first symptom that victims experience after an accident. They lift their aim or rotate the shoulder only to find restriction and pain when performing certain movements. With whiplash, for instance, muscle inflammation may make it tricky to rotate the head or turn a particular way.

Chiropractic adjustments are designed to mobilize the spine, encourage healing, reduce inflammation, and bring the range of motion back to normal once more.

  1. Less Reliance on Medication

As we said earlier, medication relieves inflammation and pain…but only temporarily. Since medication doesn’t treat the underlying issue, some victims become reliant on medication and struggle to get through the day without it. As you can imagine, this isn’t a long-term solution. Consequently, turning to a chiropractor has its advantages in this regard.

With all three of the benefits mentioned so far, you should start to feel brighter and the aim is to reduce your reliance on medication. By naturally reducing inflammation and pain, you won’t need medication quite so much.

  1. Reduce Pain

We just touched on it, but the fifth benefit is that you shouldn’t feel as much pain while working with a Plantation car accident chiropractor. As well as helping the injured areas, victims are normally surprised with the other areas that spinal adjustments improve. As you start working through a plan with the chiropractor, you should notice a reduction in pain, and this is partly due to pain-reducing hormones.

  1. Long-Term Benefits

This guide is all about receiving chiropractic care after a car accident, but another benefit of this type of care is the long-term effect of treatment. As well as eliminating pain and discomfort now, chiropractic adjustments put your body in the right place to thrive and remain healthy long into the future.

Whiplash as an Auto Injury

Unfortunately, many misconceptions come with whiplash injuries. For one thing, people believe that it’s only short-term and will fix itself after a few days. We don’t recommend underestimating whiplash injuries and previous victims of car accidents will tell you the same thing. When not treated correctly, you could be left with neck and back issues for the rest of your life.

Whiplash is a common auto injury, and this is the case because rear-end accidents account for a significant percentage of all road accidents. In fact, one study suggests that 29% of all road accidents are rear-end collisions. Since the driver doesn’t expect to be hit from behind, they don’t prepare or brace properly. After contact, the head is thrown around and the neck is placed under severe pressure.

Even with what seems like gentle taps, it causes stress for the spinal cord and neck. Another reason why this is an issue is that medical doctors struggle to identify whiplash in patients. The best advice we can offer is the following - don’t wait to feel pain or discomfort. Sometimes, it takes days or weeks for people to feel the effects of whiplash. By then, your injuries have progressed and it’s harder to recover.

If you contact a Plantation car accident chiropractor early, they can get to work on your spinal alignment and adjustments immediately. Then, you’ll enjoy the six benefits listed in the previous section.

Research shows that a low headrest causes the biggest whiplash injuries. In a rear-end accident, the low headrest creates an acceleration point and the neck gets injured. If you’re wondering whether or not you should contact a chiropractor, know that this headrest position generates high speeds for your neck even if the vehicle is traveling below 15mph. 

Types of Auto Injury

Ultimately, the extent of the injuries somebody suffers after a car accident completely depends on the accident itself. While some people are lucky enough to walk away with nothing but a couple of scratches, others are left paralyzed, suffering from head trauma, or even fighting for their life.

This being said, it’s a misconception that only major accidents need medical attention. Even in minor accidents, people can suffer whiplash, internal bleeding, and other damage. In our experience, three factors play a bigger role than others. Firstly, whether or not the victim was wearing a seat belt.

Despite all the warnings and campaigns, it’s shocking to see that a significant number of drivers still take the risk of not wearing a seat belt. In 2019, WhichCar found that one in five involved in a fatal car accident in Victoria didn’t have their seat belt active. Sadly, this was an increase from the year before. The truth is that seat belts save lives, and this is a message we all need to share with friends, colleagues, family, and others.

After this, the type of accident is the second factor that determines the extent of an injury. We’ve already discovered the issues with a rear-end accident - drivers aren’t prepared for the impact and the body is thrown around the inside of the car. Though a seat belt might save you from crashing through the windshield, it can often cause whiplash and spinal cord damage as the belt locks into place and the body is pushed up against it. Whiplash is the lesser of two evils, but not many crash victims actually treat this evil.

Thirdly, the speed of the vehicles involved in the accident also plays a role in the auto injury that victims experience. The faster the car, the heavier the impact, and the worse the damage for those inside the vehicles.

Contact Carpe Diem Today

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, please contact an injury chiropractor in Plantation, FL today. At Carpe Diem, we have the leading Dr. Barak Meraz and his chiropractic team and all the facilities you need to overcome injuries and treat them properly. Nurses and doctors do an amazing job at helping people, but they struggle with whiplash and deep tissue injuries because the only option for them is medication. With an auto accident chiropractor, there’s another option in spinal adjustments and alignments.

Whether a rear-end accident or any other form, reach out with your auto injury now. Even if you don’t feel symptoms immediately after an accident, it’s always better to get checked than regret it later. Sometimes, whiplash side effects take weeks to show. Don’t wait until it’s too late, team up with Carpe Diem now and take the first step towards recovery.

A Plantation car accident chiropractor helps to reduce scar tissue, improve range of motion, reduce pain, eliminate the reliance on medication, and so much more. Feel free to contact Carpe Diem Chiropractic with any questions or concerns today!

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