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    Wed 3:00pm -   7:00pm   Dr. Meraz and Dr. Hoskins
  • Thur Closed
  • Fri    9:00am - 12pm          Dr. Hoskins
  • Fri    1:00pm - 4pm            Dr. Hoskins
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rendered illustration of human nervous systemThe Nerve Highway of The Human Body

At Carpe Diem Chiropractic in Fort Lauderdale and Plantation, Florida, our Fort Lauderdale and Plantation Chiropractors want to help everyone reach their full health and wellness potential — but what exactly is health? Merriam-Webster defines it as “the condition of being well or free from disease; the overall condition of someone’s body or mind; the condition or state of something.” We like to break it down even simpler – your body’s ability to heal: The Nerve Highway.

The human body is indeed amazing. Within each and every one of us is a healthy, fit, vibrant person living a pain-free life – it’s really just a matter of finding your personal alignment and absolutely anyone can do it!  Dr. Barak Meraz, a Fort Lauderdale chiropractor,  wants to help everyone understand that real health is easier to achieve than we might think.

Why is chiropractic effective at helping you heal?

Communication isn’t just important for fostering meaningful relationships with people! What organ controls your body? The brain. And how does the brain communicate with your toes, your heart, your back? With nerves — a highway of information running throughout our bodies, sending messages from the brain, down the spine, and out into all of our limbs and back again.

As we go through our lives we move our bones and muscles out of place — maybe we lift children or heavy boxes, maybe we sit at a desk all day hunched over a keyboard, maybe we spend hours behind the wheel of a car. Perhaps a fall, accident, or sports injury leaves us sidelined and out of alignment. However it happens, when our bones move out of place they can press onto nerves, disrupting the communication to the brain. How can the brain know what’s going on in the foot if there’s a major roadblock at the knee on the nerve highway? By keeping your bones in the right alignment you can ensure the information always travels seamlessly to your brain and that will optimize your health.

Misalignment in our bones isn’t just the cause for aches and pains. When a skeletal system is out of place we tend to find a surplus of malaise and disease.

Take the digestive system for example. The tender intestines need to sit a certain way within the body to make the breakdown of our food easier for simpler absorption of vital nutrients. Throw those intestines out of whack by a misplaced pelvic bone and it can bring a whole new meaning to feeling a stomach full of knots.

What about migraines, a common health hazard that plagues over thirty-six million Americans every year? During a clinical trial at a private medical practice in Iowa (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24396330), doctors treated a fifteen-year-old patient who presented such symptoms as frequent and debilitating migraines, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, Tourette’s syndrome, and attention deficit disorder. As treatment progressed the teen saw significant improvement with all of his conditions.

Every year more and more research is carried out, more and more studies done on how much regular chiropractic care can improve our quality of life but this science isn’t exactly new. The story goes that in 1895, a magnetic healer by the name of Daniel David Palmer took on the first-ever chiropractic patient -- a partially deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard. After just one adjustment, Lillard claimed his hearing had gotten better. While Palmer may be credited as the father of the modern version we see today, chiropractic has roots as far back as 2700 B.C.!

Finding prime health isn’t rocket science -- it’s way easier than most people think! We want to help make that a little bit easier for you. Like us on Facebook to get a regular, strong, dose of health tips and tricks from Fort Lauderdale/Plantation Chiropractor Dr. Barak Meraz and Carpe Diem Chiropractic! Seize the day -- not the pain!

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