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Lower Back Pain - Guide to Treatments

When it comes to treating lower back pain, most patients will be referred to chiropractic doctors because this is the long-term solution as opposed to medication which is largely short-term in covering the lower back pain. Nowadays, lower back pain treatments have evolved somewhat and are now non-invasive, safe, and completely natural. In a recent report, the Canadian government even found that chiropractic manipulation was safer than medication because it avoids the potential of reliance upon pain relief and it treats the root cause of the problem.

Step One - Identification

Whenever you have any health problems, the first step will always be to identify the problem area. As soon as the issue has been diagnosed, only then can a treatment plan be developed to work on removing the problem. For the most part, lower back pain occurs because of vertebral subluxations, deconditioned and weak spinal musculature, poor posture, poor diet, spinal stress, lack of nutrition, or faulty spinal biomechanics. Sometimes, it can even be a combination of many of these conditions.

Step Two - Treatment 

Although many people believe chiropractic solutions to be new, they have actually been around for over a century and perhaps even further than this. Rather than covering the pain with medication, chiropractic doctors will look to manipulate muscles and go through a process of spinal adjustment to relieve the problem. Over time, the results of chiropractic work have been undeniably strong and many say that not only does it remove the pain but it also decreases muscle spasm, increases the range of motion within the spine, reduces inflammation, removes recurring injuries, and optimizes spinal biomechanics.

After seeing the success of chiropractic work, the US Department of Health and Human Services (AHCPR) released guidelines for the industry. With this, there are three main statements that apply to treatment;

  • First, surgical intervention should now not even be considered without first pursuing spinal adjustment and manipulation.
  • Second, medication such as steroids and antidepressants are now not recommended at all for treating lower back pain.
  • Third, they say that it is now rare to see complications from lumbar spinal manipulation.

Step Three - Removing Negative Techniques

If you have recently resolved a back issue or are looking for ways in which you can prevent such problems, this is the section for you because it is all about maintaining the correct techniques while removing bad habits. For example, posture is a big one and it pays to learn the correct posture in life to prevent health issues. Furthermore, you should be lifting heavy items correctly as well as knowing proper form if working out in the gym. If you have any questions whatsoever, your chiropractic doctor will be able to give you advice and even show you examples.

Step Four - Other Therapies

At first, it will be recommended you try the treatment we have suggested but there are other options if the chiropractic professionals feel as though they are necessary and they include trigger point therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, massage, and acupressure therapy. Since these specialize in relaxing the lumbar muscles while improving the mobility of the lumbar spine, they should be beneficial to treatment.

Furthermore, most patients will be given a list of stabilization exercises that they can try at home instead of doing nothing in between treatments. With these, it is all about learning a neutral spine position so that you will be protected from future problems. If you manage to learn or ask for stretching techniques and other exercises, your treatment will be a lot quicker because you have ways of improving in the office and at home. If necessary, hot and cold applications may be required and this can go along with diathermy, interferential therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, and muscle stimulation.

Finally, it should also be noted that your diet will play a role in your spine’s health. If your body doesn’t receive the correct nutrients, it won’t be able to heal effectively after being stressed or injured and it will be a lot harder to stay in good shape overall.

Step Five - Maintaining a Healthy Back

Finally, the best solution is always prevention so we have some simple tips for keeping your back healthy in the long-term;

Exercise - After introducing a regular exercise program, the heart will remain in good shape and your spine will be allowed to stay strong. According to many reports, three times a week is the minimum amount with each session to last around 30-40 minutes. If you struggle to keep motivated, try to get family and friends involved.

Checkups - For some reason, we choose to visit the doctor for all sorts of other reasons but not to take care of our backs. If you want to stay healthy, you should visit a professional chiropractor who will be able to perform spinal adjustments to prevent back pain from ever becoming a problem. Considering there are some vital nerves in and around this location, this one small tip could save you a whole world of pain and discomfort.

Diet - When we say diet, we don’t mean that you have to live for the rest of your life eating only vegetables but you should be looking to consume all the important nutrients since we use food for healing, growth, energy, and many other things.

Techniques - As mentioned previously, you should be able to safely nail every technique that requires you to put stress on your back. Regardless of whether it is working out or lifting boxes, this is important.

Sadly, lower back pain is one of those things that millions of people experience each and every year but it isn't something that you need to put up with. Instead, join others who have been helped through gentle chiropractic care. Not only will you relieve the lower back pain experienced right now, but you will also be setting yourself up for a healthier future!  Make an appointment with Dr. Barak Meraz either at his chiropractic office in Fort Lauderdale or his chiropractic office in Plantation, Florida.

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