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If you are regularly prone to backaches, joint pains and headaches and have been in and out of hospitals, but to no avail and have only suffered continuously without a permanent cure, then there is one type of an ingenious medication that you should try: Chiropractic.

Chiropractic Adjustments would be the solution for your woes and with a qualified and experienced Fort Lauderdale chiropractor treating you, which is a holistic and non-invasive procedure.  You could find a permanent cure to all those aches and pains in a natural way - the chiropractic way.

Millions around the world have undergone this scientific treatment and are today living normal lives without the curse of constant headaches, backaches, and other joint pains which could be quite uncomfortable and painful. 

Chiropractic Adjustments by your favorite Fort Lauderdale chiropractor do not involve the intake or application of costly drugs but facilitates the important functions of the body through a natural healing process and is researched and recorded as ideal for the following:

          • Headaches
          • Neck pain
          • Arthritis
          • Scoliosis
          • Asthma
          • Ear infections
          • Stomach problems
          • Blood pressure
          • Prevention of surgery
          • Improved vital organ function
          • Mental alertness
          • Healthy pregnancies

Chiropractic adjustments have been practiced around the world since 1896 when Daniel David Palmer first experimented and introduced the idea that the intricate manipulation of the spine could cure various illnesses without resorting to any other medication.

Though its popularity grew around the world,  still there were certain apprehensions especially from the traditional medical fraternity who did not accept it with an open mind and welcome hands, for obvious reasons.

The medical fraternity and other interested sections of society challenged the training procedures of chiropractors, and also on how the treatment was effective on patients and its after-effects.

The chiropractic profession thundered back with the fact that many if not all, chiropractic training programs equated to an advanced year of Ph.D. training incorporated into advanced level nutrition training programs.

A comprehensive look at the chiropractic adjustment training programs, its benefits, and how it facilitates the various cures would educate any layman who would be interested in this very effective alternate medical procedure to cure some of the common ailments that we experience.

Chiropractic patients have experienced tremendous improvements in their condition and we look at the history behind this incredible form of cure, philosophically, its emergence historically, and based on the evidence in hand, its overall effectiveness as a holistic alternative to some traditional medication.

It is also observed that with the popularity of chiropractic adjustments increasing studies have shown increased overall bodily function in patients under treatment and a holistic improvement in their condition.


What really are Chiropractic Adjustments?

To understand what chiropractic really is, it would be prudent to know what it means and there could be many definitions of the word, apart from what the Oxford English dictionary would say, which is;

The treating of disorders in a patient’s joints, especially those of the spine by using pressure from one’s hands and fingers to move the defective bones.

The World Federation of Chiropractic would define the word and work of Chiropractors, in a more meaningful and elaborate way using a more appropriate collection of words to try to explain what they do better;

“A professional practice pertaining to the diagnosing, treating and preventing of any mechanical disorders in the musculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and general health with an emphasis on manual treatments, including spinal adjustment and other joint soft-tissue manipulation.”

We know through experience that there are two sides to a coin, and the other side of the Chiropractic coin on which is stamped the Association of Chiropractic Colleges defines chiropractic as follows;

Chiropractic is a healthcare discipline that emphasizes the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. The practice of Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between structure, of the spine and function which is coordinated by the nervous system, and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health. In addition, doctors qualified in Chiropractic recognize the value and immense responsibility of working in close cooperation with other health care practitioners, in the best interest of the patient.”

It is envisaged by most Chiropractors that they would be able to work alongside regular doctors and help people to receive pain-free and drug-free medication for various sicknesses and also prevent injuries.

Successful treatment through Chiropractic Adjustments

The chiropractic adjustment procedure is holistic where it intends to treat the patient’s complete body optimizing the patient’s facilities to think, move and also perform specific tasks towards recovery.

Reducing inherent stress on the patient’s immune system and preventing the occurrence of any disease and stabilizing and maintaining homeostatic.

The benefits of the Chiropractic Adjustment procedures could be achieved by positioning the patient’s body in the ideal position to help the treatment take effect within and then work towards the cure are:

• The pride of the chiropractor, a professional who practices chiropractic adjustments is that they depend in totality on a natural procedure devoid of any drugs, externally or internally, to achieve the set health goals.

The body is helped by rejuvenating its inherent ability to cure any disease or sickness it would be afflicted with and creating the most conducive environment for the body to achieve it.

This is the essential principle on which chiropractic is built upon and is not a myth or fiction but what our body would generally do when confronted with a situation it has to take remedial action.

Safety is a primary concern in the chiropractic adjustment procedure because by applying the right pressures at the appropriate locations on the body the bone in the spinal cord could be effectively moved to ensure perfect alignment which facilitates the cure.

• Based on the principle that the central nervous system is the ultimate controller of everything in the human body chiropractors concentrate their focus and attention on it to ensure that it is aligned with perfection and nothing less.

If the spinal cord has shifted for any number of reasons the professional touch is provided under the right conditions to bring it to perfect alignment which would be the first step in the cure procedure.

• The concept at the center of the chiropractors successful or sometimes referred to as the “miracle procedure” is known in the chiropractic adjustment fraternity as “vertebral subluxation” a term synonymous with what they generally do and achieve with their patients.

The Chiropractors also call it the mechanical compression and irritation of the spinal joints and nerves.

Chiropractic history:

William Harvey Lillard, who had difficulty in his hearing due to compression of nerves leading to his ears, is recorded in chiropractic history as the first patient of David D. Palmer.

Lillard was treated by Palmer who made minute spinal adjustments using only his fingers and hands, thereby reducing the stress on the affected nerves and restored the hearing of the former after a few days of treatment.

Palmer conducted extensive research on Physiology thereafter and found that the problem of Lillard’s hearing was that there had been a misalignment of the spinal nerves which controlled the inner ear.

This was clearly an example of “vertebral subluxation” and based on these findings and after treating many more patients with similar or other problems which Palmer was able to sure he began training others in the procedure.

The drugless procedure called Chiropractic that Palmer adopted, and the ease of the treatment caught on, and many were trained by Palmer to help him with the influx of various patients and many were cured.

Under the guidance of Palmer the practice of Chiropractic developed around Davenport, Iowa where he lived and in 1897 the first Chiropractic learning institute, the Palmer Chiropractic School and Cure, was established.

The problem that patient Lillard suffered was pressure on nerves to the ear, while it could be a pressure on the nerves that run along the legs for another, or for someone else it could nerves that control gastrointestinal discomfort.

Whatever it would be, it is the bundle of nerves that run through our spinal canal that controls all the other nerves by being extensions of the main one and when there is undue pressure exerted on any particular nerve controlling any organ or part of the body it could affect the patient.

Corrective action which could be done to rectify the issue would be to realign the nerve and that could be done by an operation or using the Chiropractic Adjustment procedure which is painless and also drugless.

It would be incomprehensible and mind-boggling to understand the quantum of nerves that run through our spinal canal and to locate the exact one affecting the patient and applying the right amount of pressure, which Chiropractic does is even more mind-boggling.

Other common therapies that are within the purview of chiropractors include Spinal Decompression Therapy, which is the stretching of the spine employing a traction table or other mechanical device to relieve pain and rectify other problems which would be due to the undue pressure applied on the nerves inside the spinal canal.

Other complementary therapies that would encompass Chiropractic are acupuncture, deep tissue massage and other physical treatments that could complement each other to effectively treat a patient suffering from various pains and other physical and anatomical disabilities.  

Who needs Chiropractic Adjustments?

There are many reasons that a patient could be treated with Chiropractic Adjustments and cured of “vertebral subluxation”, and some of the most common factors that could bring that necessity would be as follows:

          • The misalignment of a vertebra, due to a fall, slip or even long hours at the desk
          • Poor sitting, sleeping or standing postures affecting the total spine, could be “macro-trauma.”
          • Damage or swelling in the intervertebral
          • A poor diet, drinking impure water or psychological stress causing inflammation in the body.
          • Degenerative changes or Osteoporosis which could change the intervertebral discs in the spinal cord.
          • Muscles that could exert undue pressure on the spinal canal and dislodge discs in it.

A Good Posture is very important

In modern society, especially in the advanced and developed West, the tendency due to work-related activities and also when relaxing the habit, has been to be seated for long hours spending time in one and the same place for hours.

It may be sitting and working at a desk, watching television, fiddling around with the iPhone, tablet, laptop or smartphone which is becoming a standard norm in society.

Those who sit like “couch potatoes” would hardly get up, stretch their body from time to time, adjust their seats and let the flow of blood through their system more effectively could have umpteen number of health problems.

The lack of adequate physical activity, and the “hunched over lifestyle” which strains neck muscles and nerves which is also called “forward head posture” and a number of issues relating to improper sitting is causing many problems to the general populace.

Extensive studies have shown that when our necks stick out a mere one inch forward from its exact center of gravity the neck bears enormous stress of 10 pounds, and if this is a habitual sitting posture there could be detrimental results over time.

Further first-hand studies conducted by chiropractors, after observing possible patients, have concluded that many who sit have a two to three inches forward movement of their heads and this equivalent to 20 to 30 pounds of weight constantly being pulled down on the neck.

The results could be disastrous in the long term for such individuals by not only the neck being affected but the nerves being under strain too which could affect vital organs in the body.        

5 Benefits Chiropractic Adjustments could provide

Finding the best Fort Lauderdale chiropractor is not the only thing in rectifying the issues caused by many years of wrong posture and other trauma, it is very important to take the right approach to protecting one's health.

There is no other profession that could cure any neuromuscular problems without drugs other than what Chiropractic could do and hence it is a very important sector in the treatment of patients with various nerve disorders.

Having oneself regularly checked by a professional Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor would keep you away from all that stress and aches and pains that could be caused due to slight variations in the nervous system.

The following could be some of the issues many would suffer and if proper treatment is taken at the right time a cure could be envisaged but if such problems are left to linger the situation could get worse and could be quite disastrous in the long term.

If you are prone to or are suffering from any of the following it would be prudent to see a Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor immediately as there is a painless cure and you could avail of it without aggravating the issue and even be bedridden in the future.


Few medical treatments could cure back pain compared to what Chiropractic Adjustments could and whilst others would only try to ease the pain what the latter could do, would be a cure that would totally take off the pain.

Findings have shown that there was 72% success in Chiropractic treatments especially in treating sciatica symptoms in patients who have suffered much and gone from pillar to post with any proper long-term relief.  

While Chiropractic had recorded such a high success rate physical treatments was just a meager 20% and the more painful corticosteroid injections had a success rate of only 50%.

These figures were obtained after clinical findings published in the European Spine Journal and shows that Chiropractic whilst having a high success rate for treating Sciatica is also considered as a cure unlike the other two.

Another finding was that active treatment on patients suffering from the same condition had a better success rate than when it was stimulated and treated.


Studies conducted on patients who had undergone Chiropractic Adjustments for chronic neck pain and who were satisfied with the treatment recorded a 96% “very satisfied” and another 98% as “definitely would” as far as their experiences and relief of pain was considered.

Another comprehensive study conducted and published by the British Medical Journal disclosed that 183 patients with Neck pains were treated with Chiropractic, physiotherapy and counseling, education and drugs.

The study was over a period of 52 weeks hence it had enough time to ensure a final outcome to whatever treatment that was initiated and at the end of the study, it was recorded that Chiropractic Adjustment provided faster recovery and at one third the cost of either of the other two.

In another study conducted and published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics which had two groups of patients during a period of one month, one group treated by family physicians and the other by Chiropractors.

The group treated by the chiropractors recorded an incredible 56% satisfaction whilst the family physicians group recorded a meager 13%. And the audacity was that there were issues of the situation worsening in the latter and no such complaints in the former.

There have been many studies conducted by eminent scholars and published in reputed medical and other related journals of various results emanating from low back and neck pains which is a very common issue with many.

All of them have shown results greatly favoring the Chiropractic Adjustments over the others and also the other main factor that would provide additional favor would be the low-cost factor in this procedure than the others.        

#3. Headaches, Tension, and Migraine

Another very common condition, second only to back pains, headaches are regular striking even the average healthy person and when it strikes the issue could be quite painful and could place many in a state of limbo not knowing how to react or what to do.

There are as many as or more than 230 peer-reviewed studies across the world, published about the ability of Chiropractic Adjustments to sure this very vulnerable physical condition in many with a cure recorded and not just relief from pain.

A study showed that 22% of those who had Chiropractic Adjustment had experienced a drop of 90% in headaches and in the same study they concluded that 49% experienced a pain reduction compared to before the treatment began.

Compared to any other treatment it has been strongly asserted that Chiropractic Adjustments has a better chance of recovery at a very much lower cost and without any drugs or other medication which could have after effects on some patients.

#4. Colic, Acid Reflux and Ear infections in children

Children are susceptible to Colic, Acid reflux and ear infections regularly on which the journal Explore conducted a review of 26 articles on the subject recently.

It also included three extensive clinical trials and four cohort studies, all of which concluded without an iota of doubt that Chiropractic Adjustments had a tremendous impact even in children and their Colic condition was reduced sharply after a few days of treatment compared to other methods tried alongside.

In completion and as a final conclusion it was recorded that Chiropractic Adjustments in children for Colic, Acid reflux and ear infections had higher success rates than any other procedure physical or otherwise.


It is interesting to record that recent MRI Scans conducted is showing what Chiropractic Adjustments have been doing all these years and it is now shown very prominently in these very invaluable scans.

The Chiropractic Adjustments that started in 1896 is now being justified by science and it is hoped that all neurological conditions could be treated by a concerted concentration in this type of drugless and painless treatment.

Neurological conditions have been treated before with Chiropractic Adjustments and it is now being justified and it is hoped that this type of treatment would be considered by many more patients in the future.


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