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Carpe Diem Chiropractic

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rendered illustration of human nervous systemScience confirms that the nervous system is the master controller and coordinator in the human body. It constantly sends and receives information to and from all organs, tissues, cells and systems to help your body stay in balance. Because of its importance, the nervous system is the only system protected by bone which includes the skull and vertebrae.Any interference or stress to the nervous system may cause pain, discomfort, dysfunction and decline in overall health.

Stress to your body can come from countless activities of life such as birthing process, falls/traumas, athletic injuries, car accident, poor posture and ergonomics, repetitive injuries, improper bending and lifting methods. Any of these may cause a misalignment to one of the 24 freely moveable vertebrae in the spine. When a vertebrae misaligns, or as we chiropractors call “subluxation”, it causes neurological stress and dysfunction to the body that may lead to chronic pains and dis-ease.

At Carpe Diem Chiropractic, Dr. Meraz’s focus is to find and correct any misalignments throughout the spine and joints. Through the process of consultation, exam, orthopedic testing, state of the art nerve scan and x-rays, subluxations are easily detected and can be properly aligned. The chiropractic adjustment is not intended to cure illness, but only remove subluxations so that proper nerve function and optimal innate healing takes place.

Carpe Diem Chiropractic
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1927 Cordova Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316