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mattress can cause hip painCan My Mattress Cause Hip Pain?

Hip pain remains one of the most discomforting experiences to have while sleeping. The pain has been linked to different causes ranging from bursitis to osteoarthritis, tendonitis, bowel problems, and tight muscles or even sciatic- piriformis syndrome. Unfortunately, the mattress has been implicated as a cause of hip pain. I guess this will come to you as a surprise since the mattress is known to be a sleeping platform that should provide comfort, rest and solace after a hectic, stressful day.

Yes, a mattress that does not match your body type, as well as your dominant sleeping position, could lead to a dysfunctional body alignment which could severely affect the hips. Since sleep takes even more than a quarter of our entire time daily lying on a poor mattress over an extended period could be very detrimental, not just to the hips but it negatively affects sleep and overall productivity in the long run.

This article provides insights on how the nature of your mattress could be a causative factor to your hip pain.

When your mattress is very hard, it mounts pressure on the various pressure points on the body, this include, the head, shoulder, the buttocks, knees, feet as well as the hips. In fact, a significant amount of pressure is exerted on the hips, especially for those who lie on their side. This is because this posture on a very firm mattress provides little or no support for the upper part of the body. The waist, and the abdomen region beneath the rib cage is unbalanced; hence the weight of the body lies on the hip which could lead to hip pain.

On the other hand, when a mattress is excessively soft, it allows your body, to sink into the bed. The softness provides a temporary coziness at that time. However, orthopedic experts are of the opinion that mattresses that are too soft, disrupts the normal curve of your spine. It allows your lower back to cave into the bed while the upper part of the back curves out. This leaves the entire body unbalanced and makes you even more vulnerable to back pain and hip pain. It aggravates any form of body pain the body is experiencing already.

Often, in a bid to avoid or minimize hip pain people erroneously feel that the harder or softer the mattress, the better but this is not the case as there is no perfect kind of mattress that fixes and fits all. Though, it is necessary, to use your mattress and pillows in a manner that the natural balance of your spine is not compromised in any form while sleeping but it is still not enough. Therefore, to efficiently solve the problem of hip pain or any other kind of pain, the right type of mattress plays an important role.  Against this background, an understanding of the role your body weight, size and type of mattress play in maintaining a natural body alignment while you sleep will help in the careful selection of the appropriate mattress.

The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasized; therefore, there is no amount of time or resources invested in researching and painstakingly searching for the most suitable mattress that is a waste. Instead, it guarantees not just a comfortable sleep devoid of hip pain but also a highly productive life.  How to select the right mattress for you.

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