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Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles Tendinitis Sport InjuryAchilles Tendinitis usually affects the base of your feet. This can make it difficult for you to walk. The longer this injury goes untreated, the worse the pain will become. Let’s take a closer look at Achilles Tendinitis and how our Fort Lauderdale chiropractors can help you treat it.

There are multiple reasons why you might experience this injury. Usually, it occurs because you perform routine activities incorrectly, placing pressure on the base of your feet. For example, you might size your shoes incorrectly. Alternatively, you might spend a long time in high heels, which can also place pressure onto the base of your feet. In addition, you might not warm up before you exercise or use an incorrect exercise technique. Now that we understand what can cause Achilles Tendinitis to occur, let’s look at some of the common symptoms that people with this injury might experience.

If you have this injury you will experience difficulty walking or moving your foot. You might also notice swelling around your heel. In addition, you might be able to feel some lumpy, scarred tissue on the back of your foot. How severe the pain will be frequently depending on how serious the injury is. However, the longer it’s left untreated, the more severe the injury becomes. This causes the pain to intensify. To prevent this from happening, you should contact our Fort Lauderdale chiropractor when you first start to identify these symptoms. They will be able to help you recover from an Achilles Tendinitis injury properly.

There are multiple recovery techniques that a sports chiropractor might use to help you overcome this injury. Usually, they begin by touching the injured area. This will allow them to identify how severe the injury is. This will also allow them to formulate a treatment plan. They will be able to tailor this plan to suit your needs, ensuring that they treat the cause of the pain. Next, they will place an ice pack onto the heel. This will reduce the swelling in the area. They might also use cold laser therapy. This promotes the growth of healthy tissue. Another common recovery technique is to encourage you to perform foot exercises. This will help you strengthen your Achilles tendon, preventing these injuries from occurring again in the future. They might also ask you to use an elevated shoe. This will help take the pressure off your heel so that you can recover faster.

Achilles Tendinitis can be a very painful condition, causing you to experience pain when you walk. We discussed some of the most common causes and symptoms of this injury. Because it gets worse if not treated correctly, you should contact our sports injury chiropractor once you start to notice these symptoms. Then, we can use the best equipment and techniques to treat you. This will ensure that you can recover quickly and continue living a healthy life. So, book an appointment with our Fort Lauderdale chiropractor today, so you can start recovering from your Achilles Tendinitis injury.

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