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Chiropractor working on wrist of college basketball player

How Can A Sports Injury Chiropractor Help?

To get the best results, athletes to need to push themselves to their mental and physical limits. However, this can often lead to sports injuries. When this happens, it can be a disaster. Athletes need to focus on their recovery, instead of perfecting their technique. For this reason, you should talk to a sports injury chiropractor if you get hurt playing a sport. Let’s look at some of the ways that a Fort Lauderdale chiropractor will be able to help you recover.

First, they have the experience to diagnose sports injuries quickly and effectively. While doctors may play an essential role in your recovery, they might struggle to identify sports injuries. Typically, these types of injuries won’t be displayed on scans. This is because most sports injuries, like sprains or muscle tears, involve damage to soft tissue. Unlike bones, these areas won’t show up on X-rays.  A chiropractor has years of experience dealing with soft tissue injuries. This will allow them to identify the areas that have been impacted by the accident. Typically, the type of injury that you will receive will depend on the type of sport that you were competing in. For example, swimmers and weightlifters are more likely to damage back muscles while tennis players might be more likely to hurt their elbows. Chiropractors might also use specialized equipment to help them find damaged tissues. In addition, your sports injury chiropractor might be the best person to help you recover from these types of injuries.

There is a range of ways that a Fort Lauderdale chiropractor can help you overcome your injuries. Generally, the first thing that they will do is ask you some general questions and perform an examination. This will allow them to understand the cause of the problem and come up with an effective way to treat it. For example, you might be placing too much weight on your knee joints, making it painful for you to walk. In this case, they might discuss your nutrition to find a dietary plan that works for you. This will allow you to reduce the amount of weight placed on your joints. In addition, they might take X-rays or Diagnostic Ultrasound. They might use this to help them make a more accurate diagnosis of the problem. They can also use these tools to help them track your recovery. Once this is done, your Fort Lauderdale chiropractor will create a treatment plan, designed specifically for your needs. This will stipulate any changes to your diet, the type of treatment you’ll receive, and how often you’ll need to visit the chiropractor. The comprehensive nature of our plans, designed to treat the cause of the problem, will quickly make us your favorite Fort Lauderdale chiropractor. The techniques used to treat your injuries will often depend on the extent of the problem. For example, you might get cold laser therapy. This involves lasers penetrating the skin. One laser will reduce the amount of pain that you experience while another will encourage the cells to repair the injured tissue. Your chiropractor might also decide to use hot and cold compression. This will reduce swelling around the injury, reduce pain and start the healing process. Alternatively, you might get a massage, where the chiropractor encourages the muscles to heal.

The length of time it takes each person to heal can often vary, depending on multiple factors. For example, the seriousness of the injury and the parts of the body that got injured will affect how long it takes you to recover properly. In addition, it might take a while before you have healed enough to play sports again. Generally, the fitter you are, the faster the recovery time will be. However, your favorite Fort Lauderdale chiropractor assesses each case on an individual basis. We’ll make sure to guide you through the recovery process, to get you competing as soon as it’s safe.

As we discussed, chiropractors are able to diagnose the root of the problem. By treating the cause of the problem, they will be able to reduce the chances that you will have a future injury. For example, many injuries are caused when people don’t have the correct posture. This often occurs because your spine isn’t in the correct alignment. A sports injury chiropractor will be able to treat this problem at its root by offering a spinal adjustment. This is a massage that is designed to get the spine back into the correct position. This will correct your posture and improve the way that your body operates. To get the best results, you might need to perform this procedure over multiple trips to the chiropractor. Another common reason why these problems occur is that athletes don’t stretch properly before attempting physically demanding tasks. Your sports injury chiropractor will be able to show you multiple stretches that you can perform before you exercise. This will ensure that your muscles are prepared for the physical strain of the activity. By doing this, you will be able to reduce the chances that you will have another serious injury because of playing your sport.

Finally, your favorite Fort Lauderdale chiropractor should become a regular part of your routine. This will allow diagnosing minor problems before they can become major issues. In addition, regular chiropractic treatment allows you to improve your flexibility, balance, and coordination. This can be vital for athletes who want to achieve the best possible results in their sporting fields.

Sports are a great way to stay active. However, when competing, athletes push themselves to their physical limits. This can leave them likely to experience potential injuries like strained tendons and pulled muscles. In these cases, the athlete will need to spend less time focusing on perfecting their technique, which can damage their career. For this reason, they should consult with a specialized sports chiropractor. As we discussed, sports chiropractors will be able to help you recover from your injury and reduce the chances that you will be hurt in the future. So, book an appointment with your favorite Fort Lauderdale chiropractor to learn how we can help you recover from your sporting injuries. 

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