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Disc Herniation and Chiropractic Adjustment

At minimum, get a chiropractic exam and x-rays of your spine! It will be one of the greatest investments you will make towards your health. X-rays will show any bone misalignment, and bone/disc degeneration. If there is an issue, you may prevent further damage. It’s the same with cavities and/ or diabetes. You usually don’t know you have it until you get checked!

Disk herniation is a rupture of fibrocartilagenous material (annulus fibrosis) that surrounds the inter-vertebral disk. This rupture involves the release of disk’s center portion containing a gelatinous substance called the nucleus pulposus. Pressure from the vertebrae above and below may cause the nucleus pulposus to be forced outward, placing pressure on a spinal nerve and causing considerable pain and damage to the nerve.

MRI studies show that approximately 40% of the population have herniated or bulging discs and are completely asymptomatic. This excludes those experiencing any type of pain from disc herniation. In short, YOU might be walking around with a herniated/bulging disc and have no idea.

From personal experience, people who walk in the office crying from excruciating pain always ask the same question. How could it be possible that a little sneeze or lifting something small can cause so much pain and completely immobilize me?

Well, the truth of the matter is, you were most likely part of the 40% population that was asymptomatic. Herniated discs may usually happen through repetitive stress (doing the same thing over and over again- JOB). If the bones are misaligned and you have constant repetitive stress, this may lead to bone and disc degeneration. However, aligning your spine greatly reduces the chance of degeneration and disc herniation.

Bone misalignment + repetitive stress -> bone/disc degeneration -> disc herniation

Carpe Diem Chiropractic
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1927 Cordova Road
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