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Sciatic nerve compression usually causes sciatica.

Piriformis syndrome is named because of the piriformis muscle. The piriformis muscle is found in the low portion of the spinal column. The piriformis muscle, which has the sciatic nerve beneath it, connects to the thighbone and helps in hip rotation. Such associations may cause spasm and cramping to grow in the piriformis muscle, thus pinching the sciatic nerve and causing pain and inflammation.

Sciatic nerve compression may lead to the lack of feeling, paralysis of one limb or number of muscles, and sleeplessness.

Appropriate Identification of Sciatica Is Crucial

As a Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor, Dr. Meraz’s first step will be to discover what is the reason for the patient's sciatica since there are lots of illnesses that cause sciatica. Forming an investigation calls for a physical and neurological examination, as well as a sensible review the patient's medical history.

These assessments and evaluations help find potential contraindications to other treatments that are chiropractic therapies and spinal adjustments.
The goal of chiropractic treatment will be to assist the entire body's potential to cure itself. It's on the basis of the scientific principle that limited spinal motion results in reduced function and pain and operation. Chiropractic care is noninvasive and drug-free.

Chiropractic Treatment of Sciatica

The kind of chiropractic treatment supplied is dependent upon the reason for the individual 's sciatica. A sciatica treatment strategy may contain a number of different treatments including ice/cold therapies, ultrasound, TENS, and spinal adjustments. Here are more details on these treatment modalities that are chiropractic:

• Ice/Cold therapy - helps you to restrain sciatic pain and reduces inflammation.
• Ultrasound - Circulation increases and helps to cut back pain, cramping, stiffness, swelling, and muscle spasms.
• TENS unit - is a little boxlike, battery powered, mobile muscle exciting machine. Varying intensities of electric current control severe pain and reduce muscle spasms. Large versions of home-use TENS units are utilized by chiropractors, physical therapists as well as other rehabilitation professionals.
• Spinal Manipulation - Exploitation frees limited motion of the back and helps you to restore vertebral bodies that are misaligned in the spinal column. Spinal adjustment really helps to lessen nerve irritability causing pain, muscle spasm, inflammation, as well as other symptoms associated with sciatica. Spinal manipulation should be painless. Spinal manipulation is shown to be effective and safe.

The Limits in Treating Sciatica With Chiropractic

Other illnesses can cause sciatica past the scope of chiropractic training. In case the doctor of chiropractic discovers treatment is required by a different type of physician, then the patient is referred to a different specialist. Sometimes, the referring chiropractor may continue to take care of the patient and co-manage the individual’s care while using another practitioner.

Carpe Diem Chiropractic
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1927 Cordova Road
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