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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
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  • Sun 10:00am - 1:00pm   Dr. Meraz, Dr. Hoskins or Dr. Lutz
  • Mon 9:00am - 12:00pm  Dr. Meraz and Dr. Hoskins
    Mon 3:00pm -   7:00pm  Dr. Hoskins
  • Tue  3:00pm -   7:00pm   Dr. Lutz
  • Wed 9:00am - 12:00pm   Dr. Hoskins
    Wed 3:00pm -   7:00pm   Dr. Meraz and Dr. Hoskins
  • Thur Closed
  • Fri    9:00am - 12pm          Dr. Hoskins
  • Fri    1:00pm - 4pm            Dr. Hoskins
  • Sat   By Apointment


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Five Fundamentals of Good Health and Wellness

#1 - Function

rendered illustration of human nervous systemScience confirms that the nervous system is the master controller and coordinator in the human body. It constantly sends and receives information to and from all organs, tissues, cells and systems to help your body stay in balance. Because of its importance, the nervous system is the only system protected by bone which includes the skull and vertebrae. Any interference or stress to the nervous system may cause pain, discomfort, dysfunction and decline in overall health.

Stress to your body can come from countless activities of life such as birthing process, falls/traumas, athletic injuries, car accident, poor posture and ergonomics, repetitive injuries, improper bending and lifting methods. Any of these may cause a misalignment to one of the 24 freely moveable vertebrae in the spine. When a vertebrae misaligns, or as we chiropractors call “subluxation”, it causes neurological stress and dysfunction to the body that may lead to chronic pains and dis-ease.

At Carpe Diem Chiropractic in Fort Laduerdale, Dr. Meraz’s focus is to find and correct any misalignments throughout the spine and joints. Through the process of consultation, exam, orthopedic testing, state of the art nerve scan and x-rays, subluxations are easily detected and can be properly aligned. The chiropractic adjustment is not intended to cure illness, but only remove subluxations so that proper nerve function and optimal innate healing takes place.

#2 - Information

trree of knowledge and book graphicKnowledge is power! In order for health to be achieved, we must first understand how the body functions and the basics it needs to stay healthy. At Carpe Diem Chiropractic, Fort Lauderdale chiropractor, Dr. Meraz, educates his patients and the community about the Fundamental 5 with powerful workshops and educational tools to value and appreciate our body.

Today, everyone wants the quick fix to solve any health problem. How has that been working? Let’s find out. The US consumes about 75% of the world’s prescription medications and leads top 5 industrialized countries in cancer, diabetes, heart disease and psychological illness’s. All of which most people are taking drugs to band-aid symptoms for the rest of their lives instead of trying to find the root cause of the issue and eliminating the problem. I am not talking about the less than 5% of people with true genetic abnormalities! I am talking about the 95% of America who by simple exercise, nutrition, function, healing and education can learn to astronomically reduce the top 4 diseases today: Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes.

#3 - Nutrition

photo of assorted nutritional frits and vegetables

Nutrition is a vital component to great health. It’s important to understand how nutrients are used in your body for ultimate function. Some authorities go as far as saying that any disease can be prevented or cured through proper nutrition. I strongly believe that people know what foods are “bad” and destructive to our bodies. However, they continue to eat these foods because most do not understand the chaos or damage being done to the cells, tissue and organs. If you were to comprehend the effects of mal-nutritious foods, more and more people would eat healthier.

If you want to learn how to lose weight, build muscle, repair damaged organs, tissues and cells, reverse heart disease, diabetes and other health issues, come to our workshops held at the office. The information can and will transform your life.

#4 - Healing

natural healingIn order to understand health, we must first define it! What does health mean to you? Most common answers are “I feel good, therefore I am healthy, or I eat well and exercise! First, never judge how healthy you are by the way you feel. We all know people who felt great one day and diagnosed with a threatening disease the next. Eating well and exercises are important to maintain health, but what is the true recognition of health. It’s actually in the word Health. HEAL. To be healthy actually means your body must constantly heal and repair itself.

Science proves that every cell, tissue and organ in your body has the ability to regenerate, repair or heal itself in minutes to months, depending on the type of cells. If your body is capable of making new cells and build new organs, then how do we build disease?

Every disease process is different, but it may be as simple as figuring out what in your body has stopped functioning or healing properly. That’s why PREVENTION is key to constant improvement through Function, Education, Nutrition, Healing, Fitness, blood test, yearly or bi-yearly check-ups with your medical doctors and chiropractic care.

#5 - Chiropractic Patient Training

photo of four people on treadmillMovement is a crucial element for health. When we stop moving, we start dying. Period. Exercise increase oxygen to every cell in your body creating longevity to your life. With a custom routine exercise program, you can create muscle, loss fat % and increase your metabolism to help prevent or reverse degenerative diseases.

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