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Carpe Diem Chiropractic

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1927 Cordova Road 

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
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Chiropractic Methodology

At Carpe Diem Chiropractic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we choose to do corrective care utilizing the Chiropractic BioPhysics(CBP) and Pettibon because they are two of the most scientifically validated techniques in chiropractic. Just as there are normal ranges for every system in our bodies such as blood pressure (120/80), sugar levels (70-130mg/dl), average heart rate(avg. 60-100 beats/min.) and cholesterol (below 200mg/dl), there is an ideal spinal alignment variable. Both CBP and Pettibon techniques analyze posture patterns, normal spinal form and function, stress, loads and strains to joints. Using CBP and Pettibon allows Dr. Barak Meraz to evaluate and identify where the root cause of an issue exists.

 pre treatment x ray neck painpost treatment x ray neck pain

Pre-x-rays and post x-rays ensure what you are paying for is what you are getting! It’s more important that you correct a problem instead of band-aiding the problem and feeling better. It takes time and commitment if you are under corrective care, and the benefits are unlimited.

Research proves that poor posture and spinal misalignments adds pressure and tremendous amounts of stress to joints that lead to early degenerative diseases. Properly correcting the lumbar spine and cervical spine allows for a stronger foundation, more range of motion, flexibility, nerve function and an overall increase in health and wellness. Chiropractic is considered the gold standard for low back pain and neck pain and we are really good at decreasing pain in a short amount of time. But understand that correcting your spine is close to correcting crooked teeth. It takes an average of two years to align teeth! Do you think after 5-10 visits with a chiropractor, your spine is aligned? Absolutely not. Can you feel better? Yes! If your goal is to feel better, go for a few visits. If you want to correct spinal alignment and posture, make sure you call Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor, Dr. Barak Meraz, and ask how: 954-980-5483.

Carpe Diem Chiropractic
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1927 Cordova Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316