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Chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale: Seven Chiropractic Treatments

In life, there are certain aches and pains we can deal with as well as those we need fixing right away. For example, a small throbbing pain in the thumb after cutting it while gardening isn't likely to pose a huge distraction from your daily tasks. On the flip side, neck and back pain are two problems that, if left untreated, can make life really difficult. In fact, it’s surprising just how important this part of our body is in terms of day-to-day activities.

From the moment you wake up, the neck and back muscles engage as you attempt to sit up and then it continues like this for the rest of the day. Whether it’s bending down and picking kids up or just trying to get comfortable in an office chair, neck and back pain is an awful thing to experience but Carpe Diem Chiropractic in Fort Lauderdale is here and ready to help. With a team of professionals, led by Dr Barak Meraz, the first step will be to locate the issue on your first visit.

Locating the Problem - With the spinal region, great care needs to be taken because there are several things that can go wrong. When assessing the overall health of your back, Dr Meraz will run some tests and ask you some questions to find the root cause of the aching and pain. Once the diagnosis has been given, we can then proceed to the next step which is the creation of a treatment plan.

Creating a Treatment Plan - With years of experience and an understanding of how back pain can affect your life, we can create the treatment plan that suits YOUR needs. Often, we see services offering a universal solution for all clients but this isn't good enough for you. Since we’re all unique and we have different needs, we believe in personalized treatment plans and this is something we’ll continue to do long into the future.

Starting the Treatment - When you first visit Carpe Diem Chiropractic in Fort Lauderdale, we hope you notice a few key factors including the cleanliness, personalization, and also the education. With many other services, they like to use long words to show off their qualifications but Dr Meraz wants you to understand your issue and how the treatment will aim to reduce this problem.

Within the chiropractic world, we should also mention our experience in dealing with shoulders, knees, injuries resulting from an auto accident, chronic migraines and headaches, and many others. In truth, this is what enabled us to realize the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t actually fit anybody. In our treatment plan, we’ll include holistic treatments as the focal point but there will also be a focus on modern and cutting-edge technology.

In terms of location, we’re located in Fort Lauderdale but we’d be happy to help if you’re in any of the surrounding areas including Oakland Park, Imperial Point, and Wilton Manors. As with all chiropractic care, dealing with your back pain will be our main focus. However, we also believe in reaching a point with your body where you’re in the healthiest position moving forward with the next chapter in your life. If we deal with the back pain and let you walk away, there’s a chance the pain could come back at any point. Therefore, we like to create a new ‘norm’ for your nervous and spinal systems to promote long-term harmony within the body.

Treatment Types - In Dr Meraz, you have a qualified, professional, experienced, and passionate chiropractor who only wants to see you lead a more joyful life. With this in mind, he’s actually trained in seven different areas of chiropractic care and we’re going to break down each so you can get a better understanding of what they mean, what they do, and how they can help.

Cox Flexion Distraction - In this first technique, pressure is applied to the spinal canal area and this widens the system by up to 28%. As an added bonus, cox flexion distraction helps to return motion to the spinal joints and this encourages overall wellbeing and health moving forward.

As a treatment, it’s completely evidence-based and many studies, financed on a federal level, have shown the promising impact of this technique on neck and back injuries. After starting flexion distraction, the ultimate aim is to provide relief from pain within 30 days; in fact, the aim is to cut the pain in half for all sufferers. When it comes to flexion distraction, nine in ten patients feel satisfied with their results after around three months. Read the Description and Benefits of Cox Flexion Distractoin Technique.

Impulse Adjusting - While hands-on techniques will almost certainly play a role in your chiropractic treatment, we should point out that we have the technology to also offer impulse adjusting. Just as lasers have found a role within surgery and other areas of medicine these days, lasers can also be used by your chiropractor for your sessions.

Using micro-computer circuitry located within the device itself, impulse adjusting applies a controlled force which the professionals can use to manipulate your back. Although it has the same impact as using hands, it allows the doctor to stave off common ailments including arthritis, carpal tunnel, and many others.

With Dr Meraz, he has top-of-the-range equipment that allows a quick adjustment in speed and pressure, can be tuned to the needs of your body, and brings results without the doctors having to risk injury to themselves. For many years, the chiropractic industry has been somewhat hypocritical by helping thousands and suffering themselves but this no longer needs to be the case.

Traditional Adjusting - This being said, there will still be some hands-on traditional adjusting. Not only is this the technique that’s been used for many years, it’s the one more experienced chiropractors feel comfortable with. When we do treatment by-hand, we know there’s no chance of missing a spot because we can feel the tension and areas of the body relax. With a special device, this isn't as easy despite all the benefits it brings.

With more and more companies choosing to move exclusively to technology, traditional chiropractic care is actually becoming rare so we’re helping to keep this part of the industry alive. For us, the hands-on approach is still a specialized skill and we believe it’s been used for many decades for a reason…it works.

K-Laser - When it comes to laser therapy, it’s changing lives all over the world with not just chiropractors but doctors, veterinary professionals, and many others. For the manufacturers of this particular laser, they have a focus on providing the most advanced therapeutic lasers in the world. Currently, they treat your pain, aid in the removal of inflammation, and then encourage healing thereafter which makes it the perfect chiropractor tool.

At Carpe Diem, we have some of the most advanced models you’ll see and Dr Meraz has been trained extensively in using them. With this, you can be confident in the result just like so many before you.

Spinal Decompression Therapy - If we can return to the more traditional solutions once again, spinal decompression therapy is something used for a number of conditions including facet syndrome, spinal stenosis, herniated or bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, and others.

Within the therapy itself, the spinal discs and facet joints are decompressed through the use of distraction, traction, and the positioning of your body. In recent years, significant amounts of research has taken pace by key physicians in the industry. Nowadays, there are FDA-approved systems that allow for pain relief while also decreasing other symptoms with neck and back pain.

With spinal traction, the core idea surrounding spinal decompression therapy, this actually has a history spanning back 1,000 years and still finds a prominent place in the chiropractic world today. At Carpe Diem Chiropractic, you’ll first be fitted into a support system so you feel comfortable before we begin. From here, the system can be controlled so you experience the correct angle of pull (distraction); this allows us to target those spinal areas causing the most problems thus alleviating the pain and symptoms you’ve experienced for so long.  

Neck and low back chronic pain sufferers can read more about Spinal Decompression Thereapy Here

Neck and Back Traction - During traction, a machine will pull your back and/or neck and this stretches the affected areas. Lasting for between ten and fifteen minutes, this treatment is usually for tightness, pinched nerves, and headaches. With pinched nerves in the back, stretching allows some of the pressure to be eased.

If you have bulging discs, traction is also beneficial here because these actually lead to pinched nerves if there isn't enough water in the middle. As the spine is pulled apart a little, the water and gel can slip back into place and alleviate the pain. With headaches, neck traction is also a great idea for the same reasons; the neck muscles can cause headaches whenever they’re too tight.

Chiropractic Biophysics - Finally, the seventh treatment we perform at Carpe Diem Chiropractic is Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP). All through the treatment, the goal is to optimize spinal alignment as well as posture. As a postural alignment solution, this treatment can be used in various areas of the body but with a main focus on the spine since this tends to affect everything else.

By applying pressure in the area and manipulating the muscles, tissue, and tendons, this treatment attempts to reset the body to its natural and most comfortable position. After years of slouching in an office chair or perhaps a suffering with a spinal issue since birth, the realignment aims to take place while promoting overall wellbeing and reducing the risk of issues in the long-term just as much as next week.

Summary - While it can be difficult to treat neck and back pain, Carpe Diem Chiropractic in Fort Lauderdale has the skills, the experience, and the equipment to perform to a high standard. Of course, we’ll never carry out any work without discussing it all with you first and after making sure you feel comfortable. In the majority of cases, we don't rush into any form of care because this leads to mistakes and the spine isn't necessarily the place you want to make mistakes.

After speaking with you and assessing the extent of your injuries, we’ll formulate a treatment plan and follow this in the weeks and months ahead. With this, you’ll be in the best position to walk away with no pain while also being confident the issue won’t return in the future!



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